Projects in execution

2021 – 2023. “Paleo-LINCGLOBAL: la dimensión temporal del Antropoceno y los impactos del Cambio Global en lagos en Iberoamérica”. Proyecto de Cooperación Científica Iberoamericana. Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas del Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación Española INCGLO0029. Investigador Principal.

2020 – 2022 “Applicability of bacterial membrane lipids as temperature and pH proxies in continental settings” Proyecto de Intercambio Francia-Chile. Programa de Cooperación Científica ECOS-ANID (N°190011). Investigador Principal.

2020 – 2022 “Determining the sensitivity of lake sediment proxies to late Holocene climate variability: a test from a longitudinal study in Northern Patagonia across the Andes” FONDECYT REGULAR (N° 1201277).  Co-Investigador.

2019 – 2021 “Assessing a regional hydroclimate signal from southern South America for the last two millennia through a suite of lake sediment biogeochemical records” FONDECYT REGULAR (N° 1190398). Investigador principal.

2019 – 2021 “The impact of wildfire severity on soil pyrogenic carbon across contrasting fire-prone ecosystems in central Chile: Temporal dynamics and related-effects on soil properties.” FONDECYT REGULAR (N° 1191905). Co-Investigador.

2018 – 2020 As a sponsoring researcher (principal investigator, Dr. Facundo Barrera): “Hydroclimatic influence on estuarine-land interactions in northern Chilean Patagonia (Reloncaví fjord): Impacts on organic matter, sustainable resources, and human health” FONDECYT Post-Doctorado 3180307.

2016 – 2018 “Constraining the hydroclimate gradient in Southern South America using molecular isotopic proxies” FONDECYT REGULAR (N° 1160719). Investigador Principal.

2016 – 2018 “Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) and emergent compounds (EC) in the marine food web of Central Chile: What is the influence of emergent pollutants such as Microplastics?” FONDECYT REGULAR (N° 1161673). Co-Investigador.

2017 – 2018 Proyecto CIBAS Disentangle trophic levels in a glacial Chilean Patagonian fjord (Channel Martinez), combining fatty acids and stable isotope analysis of key organisms living in a remote estuarine ecosystem.

Finished projects

2016-2017. “Obtención y caracterización Sedimentológica y Geoquímica de un Núcleo de Sedimento del Lago Lanalhue” Asistencia Técnica, Bioforest y Celulosa Arauco.

2015-2016. “Constraining the hydroclimate gradient in Southern South America using molecular isotopic proxies”. UCSC-IPFE (N°01/2015). Investigador Principal.

2014-2016. “Restringiendo la variabilidad hidroclimática del sur de Sudamérica a través de proxies geoquímicos lacustres”. CONICYT-Programa de Atracción e Inserción de Capital Humano Avanzado (PAI) (N° 79130036). Investigador Principal.

2014-2015. “Dynamic of air-water and sediment-water exchange of Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs): What is the role of Concepción Bay in the local and regional distribution of POPs in Central Chile?”. CONICYT/FONDECYT (N° 1130329). Co-Investigador.

2014-2015. “Downslope Andean winds in Southern-Central Chile”. CONICYT/FONDECYT (N° 1131092). Investigador Colaborador.

2014-2015. “Environmental changes in Chilean Patagonia caused by historical fires generated during the 20th Century settlement: evaluating lacustrine ecosystems resilience”. CONICYT/FONDECYT (N° 1120765). Investigador Colaborador.

2014-2015. “Pesticidas Organoclorados presentes en sedimentos superficiales de un sistema de fiordos: el aporte de los glaciales de campos de hielo norte y sur, Patagonia, Chile”. CIMAR 20 Fiordos (N° CONA C20F 14-04). Investigador Colaborador.

2014-2015. “Distribución de Pesticidas Organoclorados (POC’s) presentes en agua y material particulado-suspendido (MPS) en el continuo fiordo-mar interior-océano, desde el estero de Reloncaví a la Boca del Guafo (39,5°S-44°S)”. CIMAR 19 Fiordos (N° CONA C19F 13-08). Investigador Colaborador.

2012-2013. “Constraining the latitudinal variability in southern South American hydroclimate through lacustrine geochemical proxies”. Seed grant, Global Programs and Strategy Alliance, University of Minnesota, USA. Co-Investigador.

2011-2012. “A high-resolution middle Pleistocene paleoclimate record from the Valles Caldera, New Mexico”.NSF (Nº 0902888). Investigador Asociado.

2009-2010. “Determination of nitrogen cycling in oxygen minimum zone waters from the eastern tropical Pacific” combining water column oceanographic data and nitrogen isotope paring incubation experiments” as a Research associate at the Max Planck Society.

2009-2010. “Determine the nitrogen isotope signature for anammox bacteria and its implications on the nitrogen isotope budget calculations” using anammox enrichment cultures and nitrogen isotope measurements in dissolved nitrogen compounds” as a Research associate at the Max Planck Society.

2009-2010. “Past oceanographic conditions off Peru margin from marine sediments (Site ODP 1229) and its relationship with deep sub-surface biogeochemistry” combining X-Ray-Fluorescence (XRF) core scanner, lipid biomarkers, and bulk and compound specific carbon isotope analyses” as a Post-doctorate fellow at the Max Planck Society.

2009-2010. “Modelling the depth of the Sulfate-Methane Transition Zone (SMTZ) in a dynamic deep biosphere” as a Post-doctorate fellow at the Max Planck Society.

2009-2010. “Organic matter characterization – what is the origin and composition of the organic matter and what is driving the different organic carbon mineralization rates in Svalbard fjords” as a Post-doctorate fellow at the Max Planck Society.

2008-2009. “Resolving terrigenous imprint and climate in the eastern equatorial Pacific (ODP Site 1239) during the last 300.000 kyr” as a Post-doctorate fellow at the Max Planck Society together with the Alfred Wegener Institute.